Eyelash Extension Volume Lash / 2D Lash C D Curl / T 0.07~0.15mm / L 8~15mm or MIX

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Warning: This product is designed for eyelashes extension experts. Be sure to read the product description carefully before purchasing the product.

1 100% manual product using premium materials: MyBeautyEyes 2D Volume Lash is 100% manual product that manufactured by experienced workers using premium Korean PBT fiber. The curls and luster are consistent, and after treatment, the curls are not easily loosened, making eyelashes you can be satisfied with.

2 Cost-effective procedure: Mybeautyes 2D Volume Lash is a Tray-type packaging that is designed to minimize the damage of the Fan when the product is removed from the transfer strip by placing the middle part of the Fan on the transfer strip.

3. Sufficient amount of fans and natural eyelashes (can be produced): MyBeautyEyes 2D Volume Lash has 25 fans per line and contains a total of 300 fans.

4 Quality Assurance: All synthetic eyelashes produced by MyBeautyEyes do not use animal fur or experiment with animals. This product complies with the ISO 9001(Quality management) standards and ISO 14001(Environment management) standards.s.


• Products : Pre-Made Fan for Eyelash Extension
• Item Name : MyBeautyEyes 2D Volume Lash
• Curl : choose one from C D Curl
• Thickness : choose one from 0.07mm~0.15mm
• Length : choose one from 8~15mm or MIX