Eyelash extension cleaser /Glam Lash Shampoo Lash Shampoo 60ml/150ml

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WARNING : This shampoo is designed for eyelash extension experts only. Do not eat the product and if you experience eye irritation or eye pain during use, stop using it immediately and consult an expert.!!!

1 Lash shampoo for eyelashes extension : MyBeautyEyes Glam Lash Shampoo is designed to manage the cleanliness of eyelashes before or after eyelashes extension. Fine foam particles help clean eyelashes by effectively removing oil and dirt between the eyelids.

2 Two benefits of keeping eyelashes clean and extended retention : MyBeautyEyes Glam Lash Shampoo can be washed by water & brush for lashes or by water only after a certain amount of time of applying it. It increases the extension period because it helps you not to rub your eyebrows so much when washing the face, and also helps to keep the eyelashes clean.

3 Use natural ingredients : The MyBeautyEyes Glam Lash Shampoo is manufactured from low-stimulation natural ingredients and is less irritating when used. Also it nourishes eyelashes to help manage beautiful eyebrows.

4 Quality Assurance : All products of MyBeautyEyes comply with the ISO 9001(Quality management) standards and ISO 14001(Environment management) standards for you and your customers' satisfaction.



• Product name : Lash Shampoo For Eyelash Extension

• Type : Bubble shampoo

• Capacity : 60ml/2FL Oz, 150ml/5FL Oz